S A A L F R A N K   E n g i n e e r i n g 


Our designs mainly include the following products:

  • Process equipment in the systems: waste gas, waste water,
    boric acid treatment and degassing, H2-reduction, NH3-reduction,
    decontamination, etc.

  • Heat exchanger, e.g. nuclear intermediate cooler (fitted with titanium tubes),
    regenerating heat exchanger and high pressure cooler

  • Sieves and filters, e.g. in the filter changing unit, as well as in the
    condensate and waste water treatment

  • Valves, e.g. improvement and optimisation of internals and drives

  • Pumps and compressors, e.g. evaluation of effective pump shaftsealing
    and bearing lubrication

  • All kinds of back fitting measurements, e.g. wet store for used fuel elements

  • Dismantling of nuclear and conventional plants

  • Special equipments, e.g. MOX-treatment plant in Hanau (Germany)


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